What a ride

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With so many twists and turns it is almost unbelievable. I wish I had documented my journey earlier via this blog. The idea had been there long before, but back then I was just blown by the wind left and right and held myself with only one finger on that street pole.

While I am writing this my ears are getting warmer. It really was quite a ride and it will most likely be quite the ride in the future, but right now I feel home, I feel blessed and I am actually thankful that the journey had so many different twists and turns. Would be boring otherwise, wouldn’t 😉

I have learnt so many things along the way. It is my deep desire to take every one of these learnings and share them with the world. One of my favorite Youtubers, Casey Neustadt, once said:

A life not shared is a life not lived.

So that is what I want to avoid at all costs. That is why from now on I make a promise to myself that I will be as diligent and precise with documenting my journey as possible. Too much has already been lost in the sea of thoughts. This will not happen again.

I just have to decide in the medium. Blogs are where I feel comfortable.

It really is quite crazy how long it took me to make such an easy decision.

Growing Up

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Everything that I thought was real crumbles to pieces.

Sometimes there are moments where I think I am through, the storm from yesterday has passed and I relax again, going slowly after the tasks I want to do.

But this doesn’t work anymore. My life is picking up speed. The chances of yesterday are not coming back. Every woman with whom I haven’t taken that final step, every opportunity to learn something new that I haven’t taken. All of them are gone. All because of two things:

Either it was the thought that there will come another opportunity, lethargy really, and on the other side there was fear. A fear of being seen failing. A fear of being rejected. But really deep down? A fear of the unknown.

It was the fear of my own depth. What would happen? I didn’t know and I didn’t want to do that dive into the unknown. I am a creator and I created myself a safety net. I created myself a job where I didn’t have a lot of responsibilities. And every time when the Moment came where I could have gone into the Unknown… I DIDN’T FUCKING GO.

So many opportunities missed. My inner child is screaming and crying. It just wanted to live and have fun. Have sex with that woman. Go on that bus to Sweden with my friends and see where it takes me.

Now I am in a new phase of my life where I have to adapt more responsibilities and seeing that I have waisted these precious years of my life eats me up alive. I am crying right now.

But is it too late to do these things? Am I limiting myself with beliefs that are not true here? I am 24. I can have many more adventures, if I CHOOSE to do so.

My future is not predetermined. I have read too many things about when people should do what. I can dive into the Unknown in every moment. Every day there are new doors opening.

Torn Between Worlds [Part 1]

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Since I’ve came back from my travels on the other side of the world, I’ve felt torn apart. On one side there is the person that takes risks, that tasted the flavour of the true journey that leads ahead of him, a person that is wise, that goes after what he desires with heartfelt intensity and has a deep connection with his soul.

But then I came back and I got sucked into culture. I don’t want to make any excuses or give away my responsibility, because I’ve let myself get sucked into culture, particularly in the negative sides of culture. And now it is clear to me that I had to. I had to get sucked into culture because there are clearly parts of me that layed in the shadows of my life and now surfaced again. Another side of me came out, which is a person that is afraid to try new things, which is lazy and loves the comfort zone he created for himself.

Torn Between Head And Heart Human Awakening Daniel Schröer

A New Chapter Began

I remember the day after I came back, I visited a good friend of mine whom I’ve known since first grade and I created wachaufmenschheit.de (my german website) with. When I talked to him on the phone, he said he was with a couple friends of his chilling in the garage of one of the guys, who inherited a house from his grandma and now repurposed the garage to make it a place where him and his friends could hang.

So I drove with my bike (which I had dearly missed :D) to his place. I felt great and just pulsated energy which I had gathered throughout the wonderful experiences I’ve had in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. Not only the experiences, but the overall energy in these countries had deeply impacted me. I walked towards the door, opened it with my right hand and entered the garage. What then happened, was like a rite of passage in retrospective. Entering that door wasn’t just opening a door, it was the opening of a new chapter in the story of my life.

So I stepped into the room, looked to the right and saw them chilling there, smoking a few joints and talking. Nothing extraordinary. But it wasn’t what they were doing that felt so strange to me, it was the whole energy of the situation. It felt like a lightbulb had just entered a room full of darkness. There was a major dissonance that created tension in me. Of couse I was happy and grateful to see my friend again the other people too weren’t unfriendly. But still there was a dissonance in me. A dissonance that I had already felt the day before, when, after 30 hours of flying, my plane landed and I walked into the Dusseldorf airport, when I entered the train to see my home again after a year of transformation. It was like a thick layer of clouds that seemed to seperate the people from each other and especially themselves from their true expression. The dark aspects of the german culture personified: distance, coldness and headiness.

I chilled a bit in the garage, but to be honest I couldn’t stay long. It seemed like every minute of staying in the garage sucked more energy out of me. So after maybe an hour I left again and felt a big relief once I could breath the fresh air again.

But riding home I had something on my mind, a big “FUCK, this country seems to have been clouded with negativity even more. I really don’t know if I can live here for all my life.” Surely this negativity isn’t shared by everyone and there are people and places here where creativity and passion for life dominate, but my overall impression solidified in the following days and weeks since my return.

Jumping Into The Hole That Was Created

Because of this dissonance I retreated inwards. Fortunately I had a goal, so the depression that followed in the winter didn’t eat me alive. I worked a lot on creating my website and getting the ball rolling so I will be able to earn money with what I love, but in my free time I started to go out less and only a few people that I resonated with and that could understand me and my deep nature of looking at things. I spent more and more time alone at home, oftentimes falling in a deep hole. To distract from the hole that opened in myself, I spent more time in the internet. A world where I could watch, read and listen to people that were in touch with their emotions, that took risks in their lifes and had a passion that radiated through the screen and touched my heart. I felt a connection that I most of the time couldn’t find when I walked around the streets.

And so my energy that I had gathered in a year of sun and fun slowly retreated. In respective that was what had to happen, but at that time I often felt depressed and sad about it. But sooner or later it always happens, your frequency tunes to the frequency of the place you live in. However, since I also had people like Alan Watts, Elliott Hulse or Ram Dass, or my best friend Jonathan, who raised my frequency every time I came in contact with them, as well as the outlet of my creative expression – writing – the passionate, wise and inspiring traits of my heart came through too.

Because of these two different frequencies I tapped into, I felt torn apart. Torn apart between my heart which desired transcendence and passion, and my conditioned head, which wanted comfort and found excuses to shift goals and plans into the future and oftentimes acted as a barrier to my progression.

Of course, because of my inner dissonance, I injured myself and I couldn’t even really do sports, which acted as an outlet for my pent up energy and a means to raise my vibrations since I was a child.

All this led me to a hard time in my life, but it also led me within. Since my energy retreated from expression to depression, I could use my time and energy to examine my life and dive into my shadows. In this physical winter but also my inner winter, I was able to identify what drags me down and what prevents the full expression of God though me. I found out that it was the male side of me that I have to work on if I want to awaken to my full potential in this life. This male side lacked: discipline, persistence, deciciveness and devotion.

The personification of my male side, my father, also lacks these traits, his father does too and so does the father of my father of my father. The whole ancestral line of my male side were cursed with this spell of a depressed male energy and it continues in me. I don’t know if it’s true but I like to believe it is: It is said that when you dissolve these “spells” of your ancestral line, you don’t only liberate yourself, but your whole ancestral line, since this ancestral line is a manifestation of the same energy and once this manifestation is understood and transcended, another barrier that hindered the return to God (love, the universe, insert other name here) is broken.

What I try to convey with this story is this:

You might feel torn apart, depressed and low-energy sometimes. You might feel like you don’t fit in with your environment and there is a subtle dissonance that is appearing in in certain places with certain people.
But life showed me that it always works the same. You go into the darkness so you can meet and identify your shadows. In my case it was the shadow side of the male energy (especially of the warrior archetype) that manifested itself in and around me.

There is always, always something that wants to be seen in the dark times of your life. And not running away anymore and facing it is the first step.

Now I am beyond grateful for this dark period I’ve had since I came back and I finally know what I want to dive into in the next period of my life. For me, the journey of becoming a true man has begun.

Sometimes you have to be torn apart to be fused together again as a new and stronger version of yourself.

The Game of Life

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Don’t take life too serious. See it as what it really is: a game. Love, laugh and do something to make the world a better place. Show other people as well that in spite of all the evident pain and injustice in this world, it’s still just a game. And in the end it will be alright. We came out of eternity, the source energy, und there we will return. Everything on this earth is temporary, even the pain, even though it might sometimes seem like it will never go away. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do something for a more just and loving world, but you have to understand that life is just a game and there is no reason to be angry about. With fear and the anger that follows it you won’t make this planet a better place. Only love can do that.

And remember that you can change the game in any moment. At any given moment you have the choice between two settings: love and fear. Both setting have their appeal and both have to be lived to be able to understand and experience the game in its totality, but in the end love is the only setting that truly exists. Just like cold is only the absence of warmth and darkness the absence of light. That’s why the description of the world as a duality is only partially accurate. In the end there exists only One: love, the source energy, God. But fear is a necessary component of life, just like darkness and coldness. We have to experience everything-that-is-not to be able to enjoy all-there-is to the fullest.

That’s the root of it all. If you dig deep enough, you will bump into love. Everyone is on his own way-or at a different “level” to come back to the game. Experience as much as you can, that’s why you’re here! But always re-member: you’re playing a game. And in the end it will be alright, because it already is.

A Society on the Surface

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It is not a coincidence that the Tai-Chi-Symbol (Yin and Yang) has influenced billions of people on their journey through life on earth and is continuing to spread its mystery throughout the globe.

When I’ve first heard about the concept of life of a play of dualities it transformed my thinking. I can only imagine what happened in my brain at this moment but it probably looked like a glowing spider that was racing through my neural pathways and went from experience to experience to information to information that all floated as singular and seperate entities before and weaved them together into a net of understanding that exists until today and is extended continously.

The silk that this net consists of is Duality, the guiding principle behind the game of life. Right in this moment I look to the right and I see this symbol:

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Never have I ever paid attention to this logo before. But in this moment-when I get the spontaneous inspiration to write about Duality-right in this moment I look to the right and I see it revealing itself for the first time. Some may call that coincidence, I call it synchronicity. The spider is not only inside my brain, it operates in the outer world also and once you are on its scent you see it operate everywhere.

You see the rhythmical up and down of the heartbeat, you see the polar forces of masculinity and feminity dancing on the dancefloor on a saturday night, you see the hot light of the sun and the cold light of the moon, you see the penetrating form of the penis and the yielding form of the vagina, you see summer and winter, you see night and day, you see life and death, you see expression and depression, you see the inbreath and the outbreath. You see the warrior sleeping in total relaxation at night and you see him channeling his entire being to attack the challenges that await in the daytime. At least the true warrior does that.

But when I go out my house and walk around the streets I rarely see warriors. I see cowards, everywhere I go, I see cowards. I go into myself and I meet the coward there also. The coward seems to be the guiding archetype of this society and that for a reason. Only cowards can be passive slaves. They live on the surface of life. They’ve been told and they’ve been shown that life is about getting a job, that it’s about accumulating wealth and posessions, that it’s about getting a nice house and family and that it’s about avoiding discomfort at all costs. That death is wrong, that diseases are evil, that rain is disgusting and makes you sick, that depression shouldn’t be there.

And so-slowly but steady-they become what they’ve been told by a society that doesn’t want them to experience the depths of life, a society that want them to keep believing that their fulfillment lies in material goods instead of the jump into EXPERIENCES of life. They get numbed down. To distract themselves from their emptiness they lose themselves in the internet or TV. Because they don’t let their muscles relax through stretching they become stiff and their energy can’t flow freely through their body anymore. They don’t sleep well any longer, their dreams lose depth-first at night, then when they’re awake. Their breathing shallows, their heartbeat is getting weaker. Because they don’t experience the yielding of the night anymore, they are tired throughout the day and compensate that with litres of caffeine. Their excitement about life fades because they don’t take any risks anymore, and to get it back they drink alcohol, every weekend, some people everyday. Many take ecstacy, sniff cocaine. They need to get higher and higher because their everyday life gets flatter flatter. But everytime they seem to have gone deep into life through drugs they fall back even harder and it becomes even more harder to get this passion naturally. When their life has reached a point of depression and/or sickness, they don’t allow it to be. They take medication and the remaining amount of life energy slowly fades away also. Everything becomes grey. They become addicted.

Do you see the spider connecting everything that I just wrote with black and white strings and everything in between? Don’t lose of sight of it. Look for it.

What does that mean? That means to be aware, to listen, to see, to hear, to feel where the current string of the moment is heading. Don’t judge it, because this judgement will most likely not be yours. This judgement has been given to you by a society of cowards that have never followed the spider into the depths themselves. I say follow the string. And when it leads you into depression, follow it! Don’t be sorry for yourself, don’t listen to the people that want to tell you shouldn’t be depressed, but follow it!

Every new string that you follow is striked differently by the spider and the vibration that emerges forms into a song. A song that you will miss when you don’t go all the way, when you numb yourself with drugs and other distractions. Listen to the song, get enchanted by it, lose yourself in it. It’s a song of transformation, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a black or a white string, both will transform you when you follow them to the end.
-The black strings will give you depth, they lead you deep into your inner world and open you up to new possibilities. Often they are accompanied by a song of crisis and grief.
-The white strings will give you height, they take the newfound possibilities and manifest them in your outer world, they let your being penetrate old layers of your personality that are no longer ressourceful and establish a connection with the new possibilities that you found within. Oftentimes it’s a song of aggressive action-taking which vibrations will destroy your olf self.

Both may sometimes look like total madness, but you have to trust the process. Trusting and following the process will make you realize your true nature with each new string a little bit more. However, in order to realize your true nature-which is no other than that of a Buddha or a Christ-you have to shed your old skin. With every personality (what you think you are) shed, a new and deeper version of you will emerge.

But first the coward has to die. The coward dies, and with him the old habbits that held you on the surface of life. The warrior emerges. Because he knows he trusts the spider to always lead him where he needs to be, he doesn’t run away from his current situation and dives deep into it. Because he knows that his body is the vehicle to realize his true nature, he honours its rhythms: he eats well and according to the season, he sleeps well and deep and he lets it express itself fully. Because he knows all movement emerges out of stillness, he takes his time to be alone and sit quietly. He may still enjoy material goods, but he isn’t bound by them. He uses them to dive even deeper into the experience of life.

The true warrior follows the Spider of Duality, even if there’s great resistance on his way. He know it’s worth it. You know you’re worth it. You are the warrior. Break through.

Sometimes the one who is running from the Life/Death/Life nature insists on thinking of love as a boon only. Yet love in its fullest form is a series of deaths and rebirths. We let go of one phase, one aspect of love, and enter another. Passion dies and is brought back. Pain is chased away and surfaces another time. To love means to embrace and at the same time to withstand many endings, and many many beginnings- all in the same relationship.

-Clarissa Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves

Take responsibility

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Take responsibility for every, I literally mean EVERY aspect of your life. Right. Now.

Nothing outside of you is the cause of where you are right now, because there is no seperation of the inside and the outside, of the “I” and the “other”. There is only an “I-other”.

Everything that you see is a reflection of your own mind. Call it the matrix, call it a mirror, call it Maya, call it material world, how you name is not important.

Important is, that you fully understand, that what you see before your eyes is YOU, interacting with YOU. And it’s set up so YOU may experience yourself in every conceiveble way. As cell, as rock, as flower, as fish, as fear, as love, as god.

Right now you are here to experience yourself as a human being, and that means to fail, but also to learn. That means to fall, but also to grow. And that’s really what it’s all about. That’s why you’re in the relationship you’re in, that’s why you live in the place you live, that’s why you’re living at this exact time on earth. That’s why you’re reading this text. Right here. Right now.

All these circumstances give you the opportunity to grow, and it really doesn’t matter where you’re going, as long as you don’t see the opportunity to grow and fully integrate it into your own being, you will attract the same kind of people and circumstances in your life. This pattern will repeat until you finally rise to the challenge and dissolve whatever resistance there is that is causing your pain.

If you want to grow, pain is inevitable. You can resist pain, you can judge it as something bad and something that shouldn’t be there. But that won’t make the pain go away. The pain will go away when you dive into it, when you don’t run away anymore and see your big opportunity in the future, but when you finally stop, turn around and face the dragon that lives inside of you.

Just like muscles grow, when you use them to move as much resistance as possible, so you as a divine being may grow when don’t avoid resistance anymore, but accept it with wide arms and an open heart. You don’t have to chase for resistance, because when there is inner resistance it will show automatically in the “outside world”. (Although actively searching for resistance will probably speed up the process.)

And when you transcend it, then you may know again what true peace really feels like. Then life will flow easier and easier and meditation will not be a practice, but your innermost experience. But first you gotta find and carry the obstacles away which block the river of your life from freely flowing.

So you may know what it means to be fully alive. The answer doesn’t lie in some afterlife, but in this moment. Don’t romanticize it, nor demonize it. Live it.

What Is Human Awakening?

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Looking at the title you probably had a more or less accurate guess what this blog is all about: the awakening of humanity.

In the following I will give you a quick overview why I created this blog, which topics you can expect and who’s the person behind these words you’re reading right now:

Why did I create this blog?

The idea to this blog came about in the winter of 2015/16 as I was writing an article for my german website. The website was and still is very successful and I still very much enjoy writing on there, however this day I realized that my best and most influential texts were created when I neither planned a specific topic nor structure, they came from a place deep within and flowed easily and in a perfect linguistic rhythm. I could have still published these texts on that site but creating a new blog just seemed like a better idea to me.

Since I travelled through a year through Australia, New Zealand and Thailand in 14/15 I always wanted to create an english project which I thought could be perfectly combined with the new blog that took form in my mind that day.

In addition to that, articles can give great value to the reader and are often the better choice when it comes to conveying information accurately and in a well-structured manner. But I didn’t only want to convey information, I wanted to get more personal with the people I serve and let them have access to my inner world and personal stories, so I created Human Awakening, which serves as a reflection of my inner world and is the playground of my creativity and passion.

I know that I have a gift inside of me that doesn’t only belong to me but to every person that I come in contact with, be it physically or digitally, and are open to receive it.

Now Who Is This “I” That’s Writing?

Good question, but it’s not as easy to answer for me as you might think.

“You see, we grow out of this world in exactly the same way that the apples grow on the apple tree. If evolution means anything it means that, and this is discovered by the scientist when he tries to describe .. exactly what you do. He finds out that you, your behavior, is not something that can be separated from the behavior of the world around you. He realized then that you are something that the whole world is doing. Just as when the sea has waves on it. Alright, the sea, the ocean is waving, and so each one of us is a waving of the whole cosmos, the entire works, ALL THERE IS! And with each one of us it’s waving and saying, “Yoo hoo – Here I am!” Only it does it differently each time, because variety is the spice of life.”

That little excerpt from a speech of Alan Watts probably captures the best definition of who I am that I could give you. I am wave in the ocean of the cosmos, but I’m not only that. I’m the entire cosmos, manifesting as this center of attention in this particular body with certain character traits and abilities. And I’m aware of that. I am a fluid everchanging wave that will flow out of every box you put it into eventually.

To give you a sense of my life’s story, I will give you a brief overview:


On my birth in 1995 I was given the name Daniel Schröer and I grew up in a small town called Zons in Western Germany. From when I was a little child I was always fed with new interesting stories by my father which I’m still grateful for and which sparked my interest for reading and other medias. I also always loved sport and they accompanied me my whole life. From tennis to football and tabletennis I always loved sports and challenging myself through them.

Instead of having to fight through a multilayered persona that most people are burdened with by society when they grow up, I had the luck to grow up in a family that didn’t constantly tell me who I should be. This freedom enabled me to go on a search for who or what I really was.

The biggest revelation probably came for me when I started exploring the depth of the internet, in which I literally could inform myself about everything and where I, in the sweet age of 16, found socalled “conspiracy theories”. At the same time I also started to have deep realizations about who I really am, what goes wrong in society and which part I play in this game. Especially in moments where I was alone and in complete silence, everything seemed to fit together perfectly and I realized things whose depth were quite unusual for a 16-year-old.

At this point I should note that my parents always have been quite spiritual, however for a long time I had zero interest in spirituality. Only through own experiences and detached from other opinions I discovered, that life is so much more than we have been told. When my mother recognized that I started to become interested in spiritual matters, she gave me the book “Conversations with God” which I couldn’t stop reading once I had started it. This book gave me this moment of “wow” and still marks the foundation of what my work is today.

In 2014 I decided to travel for a year and to integrate the many realizatiions I had. So I journeyed through Australia, New Zealand and Thailand and grew enormously in that time. I jumped out of an airplane, worked with Aborigenes, dived in Koh Tao, climbed mount doom and lived in a sustainable community near the Sunshine Coast.

When I came back to Germany a year later, I had only one thing in my mind: Creating my own website and earning money with what I love. So I spend every day working on- and writing for my website, sometimes until 2 or 3am. My hard work finally beared fruits the last couple months and even if I don’t earn a lot yet, my path to independence just began.

Since I’m only 20 years old, I have a long journey ahead of me, filled with challenges and beautiful interactions on this beautiful planet. The Human Awakening is a collective as well as an individual process. You don’t only face challenges and grow through them for yourself, but to share your own individual awakening with everyone whose life you touch. You grow so you can empower others, that’s the only way that the awakening can manifest. I ran away from many challenges in my life and I still do. But it’s time to stop that and become everything I was meant to become. It’s my responsibility what I do with what I have been given in this lifetime and I will use it not only for my own, but for the Human Awakening.

“We’re all just walking each other home.” -Ram Dass

My Mission

I deeply believe that everyone has come here on this wonderful blue planet with their own unique seed inside of them, in this seed lies their gift to the world and it is more powerful than you could ever imagine.

As with every plant, the whole (human) potential already lies within that tiny seed, but in order for it to break out of its shell and grow into a beuatiful flower that enriches every being around it, it needs water, sunlight and probably even more important, it needs the struggle of being dug into the ground to break free from its previous version and fight its way through the darkness until it eventually evolves into a beautiful tree with powerful roots and branches.

To develop your inner tree to its full potential you have to constantly fuel it with the sunrays of your attention. Go inward and whatever comes up and makes you feel alive and ecstatic, express it!

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times but it’s nontheless one of the most important things to remember: Listen to your heart! Because in it the seed is buried and with it your life’s purpose.

The message you will receive when you listen to your heart whispering to you the next step on your journey may be scary, unsafe and totally against the norm of a society of sheep – most of us have been discouraged to listen to our heart by teachers, parents and other conditioned and brainwashed people along the way – but when you’ll follow your heart it will set you on a journey that, when you follow it through valleys and mountaintops, will set you free will leave you with an expanded consciousness and the ability to share and give life to others on the other end.

That’s what my mission is, to listen to and follow my heart, to jump into the abyss and share the new lessons, experiences and inspirations I receive along the journey with you. I develop myself to enlighten others, so I may be not only an actualized tree but I may grow juicy fruits to help others on their journey and be an integral part of the Human Awakening.

To be able to share the fruits of my work, it is necessary to constantly water it with new skills and the refinement of the existing ones. That’s why I stepped waway from only creating articles and started this blog: to delve into new waters and experiment with new ways to bring what’s within – without.

You can expect different styles of writing, excourses into the fictional as well as videos and pictures on this blog.


As the content on this blog will be channeled spontaneously, I can’t predict what will come through me, however most of it will probably revolve around topics which I am passionate about and spark my interest:

  • My Life and Travels
  • Life As a Story (You Are the Author, the Story & the Character in It)
  • Evolution of Consciousness (Phylo- and Ontogenetic)
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • Symbols and Myths
  • God and Beyond
  • Breaking out of Old Characters (Life Cycles)
  • Fear and Love (the Great Duality)
  • Alternatives to our Current System
  • Living an Independent Life

Contact/Follow Me

If you want to ask me a question, want to meet up or you just want to mindjam with me, you can send me an E-mail daniel_schroeer@gmx.de, I love meeting new people on the same wavelength!

Sometimes I’m online via live chat on this blog, you will notice when I’m available to chat when on the bottom right corner of the page a small chat window with the word “online” appears. I will also announce it on my Facebook Page once I go online.

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Dive In

Now that you know what this blog is all about I invite to explore this blog for yourself. Just click on “Human Awakening” on the left side of the menu bar and you can see my newest content. By clicking on the three stripes on the right you can browse through the different categories (in the beginning phases of this blog there may not be too much options :P).

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I commit to posting on here 4-5 times a week. Especially when I travel there may be weeks where I can’t keep this promise but all in all there will be a constant inflow of inspiration on this blog.

I’m glad that you found me and my work and I hope you will come back here from time to time.