What a ride

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With so many twists and turns it is almost unbelievable. I wish I had documented my journey earlier via this blog. The idea had been there long before, but back then I was just blown by the wind left and right and held myself with only one finger on that street pole.

While I am writing this my ears are getting warmer. It really was quite a ride and it will most likely be quite the ride in the future, but right now I feel home, I feel blessed and I am actually thankful that the journey had so many different twists and turns. Would be boring otherwise, wouldn’t ūüėČ

I have learnt so many things along the way. It is my deep desire to take every one of these learnings and share them with the world. One of my favorite Youtubers, Casey Neustadt, once said:

A life not shared is a life not lived.

So that is what I want to avoid at all costs. That is why from now on I make a promise to myself that I will be as diligent and precise with documenting my journey as possible. Too much has already been lost in the sea of thoughts. This will not happen again.

I just have to decide in the medium. Blogs are where I feel comfortable.

It really is quite crazy how long it took me to make such an easy decision.

Growing Up

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Everything that I thought was real crumbles to pieces.

Sometimes there are moments where I think I am through, the storm from yesterday has passed and I relax again, going slowly after the tasks I want to do.

But this doesn’t work anymore. My life is picking up speed. The chances of yesterday are not coming back. Every woman with whom I haven’t taken that final step, every opportunity to learn something new that I haven’t taken. All of them are gone. All because of two things:

Either it was the thought that there will come another opportunity, lethargy really, and on the other side there was fear. A fear of being seen failing. A fear of being rejected. But really deep down? A fear of the unknown.

It was the fear of my own depth. What would happen? I didn’t know and I didn’t want to do that dive into the unknown. I am a creator and I created myself a safety net. I created myself a job where I didn’t have a lot of responsibilities. And every time when the Moment came where I could have gone into the Unknown… I DIDN’T FUCKING GO.

So many opportunities missed. My inner child is screaming and crying. It just wanted to live and have fun. Have sex with that woman. Go on that bus to Sweden with my friends and see where it takes me.

Now I am in a new phase of my life where I have to adapt more responsibilities and seeing that I have waisted these precious years of my life eats me up alive. I am crying right now.

But is it too late to do these things? Am I limiting myself with beliefs that are not true here? I am 24. I can have many more adventures, if I CHOOSE to do so.

My future is not predetermined. I have read too many things about when people should do what. I can dive into the Unknown in every moment. Every day there are new doors opening.

What Is Human Awakening?

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Looking at the title you probably had a more or less accurate guess what this blog is all about: the awakening of humanity.

In the following I will give you a quick overview why I created this blog, which topics you can expect and who’s the person behind these words you’re reading right now:

Why did I create this blog?

The idea to this blog came about in the winter of 2015/16 as I was writing an article for my german website. The website was and still is very successful and I still very much enjoy writing on there, however this day I realized that my best and most influential texts were created when I neither planned a specific topic nor structure, they came from a place deep within and flowed easily and in a perfect linguistic rhythm. I could have still published these texts on that site but creating a new blog just seemed like a better idea to me.

Since I travelled through a year through Australia, New Zealand and Thailand in 14/15 I always wanted to create an english project which I thought could be perfectly combined with the new blog that took form in my mind that day.

In addition to that, articles can give great value to the reader and are often the better choice when it comes to conveying information accurately and in a well-structured manner. But I didn’t only want to convey information, I wanted to get more personal with the people I serve and let them have access to my inner world and personal stories, so I created Human Awakening, which serves as a reflection of my inner world and is the playground of my creativity and passion.

I know that I have a gift inside of me that doesn’t only belong to me but to every person that I come in contact with, be it physically or digitally, and are open to receive it.

Now Who Is This “I” That’s Writing?

Good question, but it’s not as easy to answer for me as you might think.

“You see, we grow out of this world in exactly the same way that the apples grow on the apple tree. If evolution means anything it means that, and this is discovered by the scientist when he tries to describe .. exactly what you do. He finds out that you, your behavior, is not something that can be separated from the behavior of the world around you. He realized then that you are something that the whole world is doing. Just as when the sea has waves on it. Alright, the sea, the ocean is waving, and so each one of us is a waving of the whole cosmos, the entire works, ALL THERE IS! And with each one of us it’s waving and saying, “Yoo hoo – Here I am!” Only it does it differently each time, because variety is the spice of life.”

That little excerpt from a speech of Alan Watts probably captures the best definition of who I am that I could give you. I am wave in the ocean of the cosmos, but I’m not only that. I’m the entire cosmos, manifesting as this center of attention in this particular body with certain character traits and abilities. And I’m aware of that. I am a fluid everchanging wave that will flow out of every box you put it into eventually.

To give you a sense of my life’s story, I will give you a brief overview:


On my birth in 1995 I was given the name Daniel Schr√∂er and I grew up in a small town called Zons in Western Germany. From when I was a little child I was always fed with new interesting stories by my father which I’m still grateful for and which sparked my¬†interest for reading and other medias. I also always loved sport and they accompanied me my whole life. From tennis to football and tabletennis I always loved sports and challenging myself through them.

Instead of having to fight through a multilayered persona that most people are burdened with¬†by society when they grow up, I had the luck to grow up in a family that didn’t constantly tell me who I should be. This freedom enabled me to go on a¬†search for who or what I really was.

The biggest revelation probably came for me when I started exploring the depth of the internet, in which I literally could inform myself about everything¬†and where I, in the sweet age of 16, found socalled “conspiracy theories”. At the same time I also started to have deep realizations about who I really am, what goes wrong in society and which part I play in this game. Especially in moments where I was alone and in complete silence, everything seemed to fit together perfectly and I realized things whose depth were quite unusual for a 16-year-old.

At this point I should note that my parents always have been quite spiritual, however for a long time I had zero interest in spirituality. Only through own experiences and detached from other opinions I discovered, that life is so much more than we have been told. When my mother recognized that I started to become interested in spiritual matters, she gave me the book “Conversations with God” which I couldn’t stop reading once I had started it. This book gave me this moment of “wow” and still marks the foundation of what my work is today.

In 2014 I decided to travel for a year and to integrate the many realizatiions I had. So I journeyed through Australia, New Zealand and Thailand and grew enormously in that time. I jumped out of an airplane, worked with Aborigenes, dived in Koh Tao, climbed mount doom and lived in a sustainable community near the Sunshine Coast.

When I came back to Germany a year later, I had only one thing in my mind: Creating my own website and earning money with what I love.¬†So I spend every day working on- and writing for my website, sometimes until 2 or 3am.¬†My hard work finally beared fruits the last couple months and even if I don’t earn a lot yet, my path to independence just began.

Since I’m only 20 years old, I have a long journey ahead of me, filled with challenges and beautiful interactions on this beautiful planet.¬†The Human Awakening is a collective as well as an individual process. You¬†don’t only face challenges and grow through them for yourself, but to share your own individual awakening with everyone whose life you touch. You grow so you can empower others, that’s the only way that the awakening¬†can manifest.¬†I ran away from many challenges in my life and I still do. But it’s time to stop that and become everything I was meant to become. It’s my responsibility what I do with¬†what I have been given in this lifetime and I will use it not only for my own, but for the Human Awakening.

“We’re all just walking each other home.” -Ram Dass

My Mission

I deeply believe that everyone has come here on this wonderful blue planet with their own unique seed inside of them, in this seed lies their gift to the world and it is more powerful than you could ever imagine.

As with every plant, the whole (human) potential already lies within that tiny seed, but in order for it to break out of its shell and grow into a beuatiful flower that enriches every being around it, it needs water, sunlight and probably even more important, it needs the struggle of being dug into the ground to break free from its previous version and fight its way through the darkness until it eventually evolves into a beautiful tree with powerful roots and branches.

To develop your inner tree to its full potential you have to constantly fuel it with the sunrays of your attention. Go inward and whatever comes up and makes you feel alive and ecstatic, express it!

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times but it’s nontheless one of the most important things to remember: Listen to your heart!¬†Because in it the seed is buried and with it your life’s purpose.

The message you will receive when you listen to your heart whispering to you the next step on your journey¬†may be scary, unsafe and totally against the norm of a society of sheep – most of us have been discouraged to listen to our heart by teachers, parents and other conditioned and brainwashed people along the way – but when you’ll follow your heart it will set you on a journey that, when you follow it through valleys and mountaintops, will set you free will leave you with an expanded consciousness and the ability to share and give¬†life¬†to others on the other end.

That’s what my mission is, to listen to and follow¬†my heart, to jump into the abyss and share the new lessons, experiences and inspirations I receive along the journey with you. I develop myself to¬†enlighten others, so I may be¬†not only an actualized tree but I may grow juicy¬†fruits to help others on their journey¬†and be an integral part of the Human Awakening.

To be able to share the fruits of my work, it is necessary to constantly water it with new skills and the refinement of the existing ones. That’s why I stepped waway from only creating articles and started this blog: to delve into new waters and experiment with new ways to bring what’s within – without.

You can expect different styles of writing, excourses into the fictional as well as videos and pictures on this blog.


As the content on this blog will be channeled spontaneously, I can’t predict what will come through me, however most of it will probably revolve around topics which I am passionate about and spark my interest:

  • My Life and Travels
  • Life As a Story (You Are the Author, the Story & the Character in It)
  • Evolution of Consciousness (Phylo- and Ontogenetic)
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • Symbols and Myths
  • God and Beyond
  • Breaking out of Old Characters (Life Cycles)
  • Fear and Love (the Great Duality)
  • Alternatives to our Current System
  • Living an Independent Life

Contact/Follow Me

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Sometimes I’m online via live chat on this blog, you will notice when I’m available to chat when on the bottom right corner of the page a small chat window with the word “online” appears. I will also announce it on my Facebook Page once I go online.

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I commit to posting on here 4-5 times a week.¬†Especially when I travel there may be weeks¬†where I can’t keep this promise but all in all there will be a constant inflow of inspiration on this blog.

I’m glad that you found me and my work and I hope you will come back here from time to time.