The Game of Life

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Don’t take life too serious. See it as what it really is: a game. Love, laugh and do something to make the world a better place. Show other people as well that in spite of all the evident pain and injustice in this world, it’s still just a game. And in the end it will be alright. We came out of eternity, the source energy, und there we will return. Everything on this earth is temporary, even the pain, even though it might sometimes seem like it will never go away. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do something for a more just and loving world, but you have to understand that life is just a game and there is no reason to be angry about. With fear and the anger that follows it you won’t make this planet a better place. Only love can do that.

And remember that you can change the game in any moment. At any given moment you have the choice between two settings: love and fear. Both setting have their appeal and both have to be lived to be able to understand and experience the game in its totality, but in the end love is the only setting that truly exists. Just like cold is only the absence of warmth and darkness the absence of light. That’s why the description of the world as a duality is only partially accurate. In the end there exists only One: love, the source energy, God. But fear is a necessary component of life, just like darkness and coldness. We have to experience everything-that-is-not to be able to enjoy all-there-is to the fullest.

That’s the root of it all. If you dig deep enough, you will bump into love. Everyone is on his own way-or at a different “level” to come back to the game. Experience as much as you can, that’s why you’re here! But always re-member: you’re playing a game. And in the end it will be alright, because it already is.