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Take responsibility for every, I literally mean EVERY aspect of your life. Right. Now.

Nothing outside of you is the cause of where you are right now, because there is no seperation of the inside and the outside, of the “I” and the “other”. There is only an “I-other”.

Everything that you see is a reflection of your own mind. Call it the matrix, call it a mirror, call it Maya, call it material world, how you name is not important.

Important is, that you fully understand, that what you see before your eyes is YOU, interacting with YOU. And it’s set up so YOU may experience yourself in every conceiveble way. As cell, as rock, as flower, as fish, as fear, as love, as god.

Right now you are here to experience yourself as a human being, and that means to fail, but also to learn. That means to fall, but also to grow. And that’s really what it’s all about. That’s why you’re in the relationship you’re in, that’s why you live in the place you live, that’s why you’re living at this exact time on earth. That’s why you’re reading this text. Right here. Right now.

All these circumstances give you the opportunity to grow, and it really doesn’t matter where you’re going, as long as you don’t see the opportunity to grow and fully integrate it into your own being, you will attract the same kind of people and circumstances in your life. This pattern will repeat until you finally rise to the challenge and dissolve whatever resistance there is that is causing your pain.

If you want to grow, pain is inevitable. You can resist pain, you can judge it as something bad and something that shouldn’t be there. But that won’t make the pain go away. The pain will go away when you dive into it, when you don’t run away anymore and see your big opportunity in the future, but when you finally stop, turn around and face the dragon that lives inside of you.

Just like muscles grow, when you use them to move as much resistance as possible, so you as a divine being may grow when don’t avoid resistance anymore, but accept it with wide arms and an open heart. You don’t have to chase for resistance, because when there is inner resistance it will show automatically in the “outside world”. (Although actively searching for resistance will probably speed up the process.)

And when you transcend it, then you may know again what true peace really feels like. Then life will flow easier and easier and meditation will not be a practice, but your innermost experience. But first you gotta find and carry the obstacles away which block the river of your life from freely flowing.

So you may know what it means to be fully alive. The answer doesn’t lie in some afterlife, but in this moment. Don’t romanticize it, nor demonize it. Live it.

  1. Martin
    May 21, 2016

    Good evening my friend?
    Nice text – but it makes my wonder why you first write your texts in English?!
    Woulnd’t it be more appealing if you write down your thoughts in “your” language?
    I think We the language and the fact that we call it “Muttersprache” in German is something that we should realize äs á gift and as a mission to express ourselves and life throughout this language…

    • Daniel Schröer
      May 23, 2016

      Hey Martin, thanks for your comment!
      There are a couple reasons why I write the texts in English first:
      -I want to practice my english writing skills since in the day and age we live in the boundaries between the people dissolve more and more and I want to communicate my message to as many people as possible.
      -When I communicate in english my thoughts and words come together very differently and I want to further explore this “english self”
      -I want to build an english audience because I honestly don’t know where life will take me and it could very easily become a reality that I will live in other countries than Germany. Only being able to get your message across in german limits yourself drastically in our connected world of today